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Who or what is DVK Technologies?

In the devilishly harsh and remote Simpson Desert in South Australia, a little South-East of Oodnadatta, lives alone in a modest but very well equipped shanty a man who has a passion. He is an eccentric man of about 50 years of age; a man who knows and loves two things: reptile taxidermy and guitar effects pedals. That man is Dieter Von Kracken-Splitzen or ‘The Doc’ as he prefers us to call him.

The Doc’s only furniture consists of a tanning bench, a pile of plastic drawers full of plugs and transistors, a box full of empty pedal cases made for him by the music mad Smithy’s over at Cobber Pedy , a stretcher bed and esky, some homemade chairs and a Fender Twin from the early 60’s. He built his own guitar from the local scrub woods and still uses the same strings he got from Alice Springs on a two day recon’ mission in ’98. The Doc sits out there alone with his transistors and lizard leathers, beneath the light of a swinging fluro and the hum of an old generator. He lives off the land and is known to converse in many of the native indigenous tongues. He is known as “Gammon-gubba” to the local nomads, or “kidding white man.” The Doc knows his lizards and he knows his sounds. Oh yeah, he sure knows his sounds.

DVK came across The Doc when somehow our travels took us to Oodnadatta (long story) where we were directed to the good doctor’s domain by a guitar mad Koori stockman named Errol. Errol insisted we visit The Doc and tell him of our quest for tone as he thought The Doc could use something to keep him busy and genuinely had something to offer. So we loaded up the Range Rover (mostly with beer) and headed south-east to find the desert dweller and his sanctum of tone. We weren’t disappointed.

OK, that’s all BS. Here is the real story….

DDVK Technologies is a pedal producing project featuring electronics pedal freak Craig Paine and longtime professional guitarist Brett Kingman.

Both blokes play the guitar, Brett professionally. Through the years they have used a veritable ocean liner full of effects and have come to the conclusion that certain effects could be paired for better sonic combinations and to preserve that precious pedal board real estate. As Brett says, “We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, just streamline it a little.”

Enter the new DVK Technologies range: a suite of models offering 2-in-1 solutions in reasonably sized cases and featuring useful peripherals such as expression control and circuit order switching. All of our circuits have been (re)designed from the ground up by the ‘Doc’ (Craig Paine) who has worked for nearly a year with the sonic requests of the slave driving and annoying Mr Kingman. It should be said that although these are our own circuits, we have drawn our concepts from the best and we are only too willing to acknowledge this. Oh yeah, our own Tony Tran provides the fab eye candy pedal art.

We decided that we’ll keep the pedals green as well. That means no 9V batteries. For two reasons: firstly because we’ve jammed so much circuitry into these pedals that we couldn’t possibly fit a battery in there and secondly because they’re rotten little things filling up our landmines and if we can do without them we will. So we have.

Now please try one, enjoy it and make some music with it. That’s all we can ask.


The DVK team.


Stompabillia Time

The SilverTop
The SilverTop
The SilverTop
The SilverTop

Artists say what?

  • “They can be transparent but they have the power to add character as well.” - Dweezil Zappa
  • “…Great design work. Really easy to dial in useful musical tones!” - Dweezil Zappa

Reviewers Low Down

  • "Oh man, that sounds GOOD!" - Bobby D
  • "I like the sound of this compressor… kind of reminds of the old MXR Dynacomp. It's not like one of those compressors that's really obnoxiously squashing the heck out of your signal. It's a bit more subtle than of a compressor and I like that." - Bobby D


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