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The GoldTop: “I love this pedal! It’s the best fuzz I’ve come across, including my old Arbiter England Fuzz Face from the ’60s! My immediate plan is to replace a pedal on my Supertramp pedal board which I’ll be using for both an arena tour across Canada in June and a big stadium festival tour in Europe in July.”

- Carl Verheyen – Artist Page


The GoldTop: “Showing the vintage crew the door…” 

- Brett Kingman – Artist Page


The Mrs & SilverTop: “DVK Pedals are well built, look great and open up many new frequencies for dialing in your tone. I like ‘The Mrs.’ and ‘SilverTop’ in particular.”

- Alex Skolnick – Artist Page


The Mrs: “I reckon my Mrs absolutely rocks… go get your own”

- Brett Kingman – Artist Page


The SilverTop: “The DVK SilverTop may be a multi-effect pedal, but it doesn’t skimp on the tones of either effect (each of which is individually accessible). A pretty great sounding, very practical dual function pedal.”

- Owen O’Malley,

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