Category: Pedal Review Quotes

“Oh man, that sounds GOOD!”

- Bobby D

“I like the sound of this compressor… kind of reminds of the old MXR Dynacomp. It’s not like one of those compressors that’s really obnoxiously squashing the heck out of your signal. It’s a bit more subtle than of a compressor and I like that.”

- Bobby D


The HairBall: “We found this boost section an extremely valuable tool to dial in just the right sound for both leads and chugging rhythms. The treble boost position adds a nicely carved upper mid-range projection…The design of the Overdrive half of this pedal is based on the good ‘old ‘TS’ circuit and also has good tone stack design for precisely “slotting in” your guitar sound into the track…When both Overdrive and Boost modes are switched in (a separate stomp button for each) you’ll be driving your amp’s pre-amp into previously unknown areas.”

- Barry Rudolph, Music Connection


The HairBall: “For all the ooomph The Hairball can put behind your signal, this is more than just a great rock ’n’ roll pedal—it’s practically a Swiss Army Knife of overdrive tones that even jazzers, metal heads, and country pickers may ultimately find indispensible.”

- Premier Guitar Magazine


The SilverTop: “The DVK SilverTop may be a multi-effect pedal, but it doesn’t skimp on the tones of either effect (each of which is individually accessible). A pretty great sounding, very practical dual function pedal.”

- Owen O’Malley,

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