Category: Pedal Review Quotes


The GoldTop: “This psychedelic little GoldTop sounds great, especially if your musical proclivities lean towards the late 70s, but it has a wealth of modern applications too. You’re really getting three pedals in one, and the fuzz is so versatile that the fuzz side alone qualifies as about three or four fuzzes. In fact, it’d be kinda fun to have a unit with two identical fuzz circuits like this one. Oh the possibilities!”

-Peter Hodgson,


The HairBall: “The HairBall is a one-stop gain shop with plenty of tonal variety for those who really need to scream. I’m always excited when I stumble across a pedal that pays tribute to the treble boosters of yore, and the HairBall doesn’t disappoint on this front or its pure boost and overdrive offerings.”

- Peter Hodgson,

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