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The GoldTop

The GoldTop – Dual pedal – Fuzz / VibeThe GoldTop is a dual function pedal featuring our take on a classic fuzz and vibe. The circuits can be engaged separately or used together for some great modulated fuzz tones. Additionally, we have provided a toggle switch that lets you change the stacking order of these effects – fuzz before vibe or visa versa. Some people prefer their fuzz before their vibe and others prefer it after so we thought we might as well give you the option to use whatever configuration you prefer.

Our fuzz is loosely based on a ‘Big M’ type. However, we have tweaked it to our preference to offer you a wider tonal pallet. It can be manipulated to give scooped tones and with the help of the ‘Shape’ knob you’ll be able to dial in more mids which will help your leads cut through the stage mix. Of course, the amount of fuzz it generates will depend largely on the pickups in your guitar. For instance, low output single coil pickups will yield less fuzz than high-output humbuckers.

Our vibe side has its roots based in the classic vibes of yore but we have modified the original considerably to enable it to be rate controlled via an expression pedal (another DVK bonus!) and also to fit it into the same case as our great fuzz, thereby offering you a highly useful combination in a small package.

The GoldTop features a huge array of sonic possibilities that stretch from Woodstock to Wollongong (Google it). You’ve just got to experiment and have fun!

The GoldTop

Goldtop Features

  • Versatile fuzz circuit
  • Lush Vibe circuit
  • External Vibe rate control
  • Circuit Direction Switch
  • Use effects in any order

Goldtop Audio Snippets


The GoldTop - MP3 Demo
This file will take a moment to buffer before playing

0:00 - 0:56
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Vibe (Chorus setting) only
0:56 - 1:16
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Vibe (Vibe setting) only
1:16 - 1:25
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Vibe (Chorus setting) only
1:25 - 2:50
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Fuzz only
2:50 - 3:07
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Fuzz to Vibe (Chorus setting)
3:07 - 3:17
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Vibe (Chorus setting) to Fuzz
3:22 - 3:32
Strat to Laney VC50 Clean Channel - GoldTop Fuzz to Vibe (Vibe setting)
3:33 - End

Let’s go to the video tape

Brett Kingman introduces the GoldTop

Four great things to do with the GoldTop

Artists Say what?

  • “They can be transparent but they have the power to add character as well.”
    - Dweezil Zappa
  • “…Great design work. Really easy to dial in useful musical tones!”
    - Dweezil Zappa

Reviewers Low Down

  • The GoldTop: "You may not have heard of DVK Technologies, but you'll definitely want to hear this pedal. The DVK Technologies GoldTop crams two sweet-sounding effects into a single stompbox chassis — fuzz and vibe/vibrato — for a pedal that goes from classic rhythm distortion to searing psychedelic soloing with a double-click…A really flexible great sounding pedal. The vibe and he fuzz sound really cool together. The fuzz by itself sounds awesome."
    - Owen O’Malley,
  • The GoldTop: "This psychedelic little GoldTop sounds great, especially if your musical proclivities lean towards the late 70s, but it has a wealth of modern applications too. You’re really getting three pedals in one, and the fuzz is so versatile that the fuzz side alone qualifies as about three or four fuzzes. In fact, it’d be kinda fun to have a unit with two identical fuzz circuits like this one. Oh the possibilities!"
    -Peter Hodgson,

Goldtop Images

The GoldTop :: Dual function Fuzz / Vibe pedal

Goldtop Downloads

imageSuccessfully tweak your GoldTopClick here to download the secrets

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